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Southern Savvy: Who We Are

ashton snowden pruitt boutique owner mom small business owner 

"She is clothed with strength & dignity and she laughs without fear of the future." -Proverbs 31:25

Born & raised in the hills of the Ozarks, Ashton graduated from Greenbrier High School and continued her education at Arkansas State University. After graduating early in the fall of 2009 with her bachelors degree in Radio-Television (Broadcast Journalism) she began her career in Radio and now is the host of "The Mouth of the South Morning Show for 101.7 KVOM in Morrilton. Aside from her morning show duties, Ashton also is an advertising account executive. Aside from owning and running Southern Savvy, radio, and filming weddings Ashton also helps run the office at their other business, "Pruitt's Mid-State Stockyards." In her spare time (as if she had any) she enjoys blogging, music, going to the lake, painting, hunting, spending time with her husband Lane, and of course helping fellow southern belles shop! The newest edition of their family, Myleigh-Pearl has Ashton's complete heart and is wrapped around her finger. You can find our smallest employee at the store... and pretty much everywhere Ashton goes by her side everyday. Being able to raise MP in a fun environment definitely has its challenges though. You can find MP rearranging the shoes and getting into the jewelry displays daily. We can see that visual merchandising might be her calling already this early in life.
"People have often asked me, "Ashton why in the world did you decide to open your own store?" The answer is really quite simple. I have a problem shopping. I never can find the cute outfits that fit my curves in all the right spots. Its actually very frustrating. I also found it extremely hard to find a place to shop that made me feel comfortable in a friendly environment. I have often left stores feeling belittled by the snooty employees and somewhat heartbroken. So, when this opportunity was presented before me, I knew it was the perfect fit for my life. I want to empower women, build their confidence and help dress the beauty within.
Some of you might not know this, but my precious brother & best friend, Scott Snowden always wanted to own his own business. We were both born with ambitious entrepreneur spirits. Our first business was selling Pokey Mon cards to younger children in our neighborhood! HA! From selling girl scout cookies door to door, serving pizzas, working at Dillards all through college, and owning my own media/video production company... I have had an array of ambitious career choices and have loved them all. I firmly believe that if you are given talents, you should use them all! Scott too, had his other big schemes and ideas that eventually led to his business, S & S Lawn Service. He eventually wanted to own a snow cone & coffee stand. Could you see him selling snow cones & coffee? HA! I guess when it comes to ambition, we both have a lot of it. Southern Savvy (Formerly Southern Belle Boutique) was a vision I believe Scott helped me see... He loved clothes and lookin' "fly" (He took more time getting ready than I do) and I know he's watching over me. Rest in love, Scott. This is for you." -Ashton
(Myleigh Pearl and Ashton workin' the store 2 weeks after delivery)